I miss my blog… Q.Q

Currently halfway through the next review, but unfortunately haven’t been able to make the time to complete the game yet. Schoolwork makes it hard to justify sitting down and playing video games…

I DO plan to have this final review done before October ends though! I mean’t to do a fourth game as well but since I’m fighting for the third that’s not going to happen.

Without giving away the next title, my impressions of the current review are better than expected. It’s from a franchise that I enjoy and (mostly) respect, though it doesn’t hold a positive impression among the general public. Nonetheless, I have plenty of good and bad to say about it, very much looking forward to writing about it. If only I could get my schoolwork out of the way first…

Showcase – The Zero Review


Figured since I have a blog now, I’d try bring attention to certain things that are important to me in hopes SOMEBODY IS ACTUALLY READING THIS *wink wink* Couullld be yoouuu!! *wink wink*

Anyways, today I wanted to briefly talk about the website The Zero Review!
While I could pretend I was selflessly promoting a site I think could use more attention, that’s not entirely the case.

This year at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, I had the pleasure of meeting the two founders of the Zero Review website, Justin and… Justin! Yep, both Just Scerbo and Justin Chou happened to be in line with my group of friends and I for the Divison. After some friendly banter, I discovered they happen to run a games journalism site. What a coincidence, it JUST so happens I am going to school to become a journalist for video games! Turns out they were willing to have a bit of extra content on the site and offered to have me write for them.

Well, I took them up on their offer and started writing articles (well, article singular as of right now) in my spare time. Unfortunately, spare time has been a sparse thing as of late. But I hope to populate their site with some more content in the coming future.

However, ignoring my minuet contributions, they actually do write some pretty good stuff, so I’d recommend checking them out. They don’t update super frequently, but what’s there is definitely an entertaining read.

Below is my first (and currently only) article I wrote for them, so give it a read when you get the chance!
For Honor Impressions: Medieval Multiplayer MadnessForHonor Stock Image

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Review & Retrospective on the sub-series

Okay, so some might say I’m cheating a bit here, as Castlevania games are not horror titles. But the FOUNDATION of these games lay within classic movie monsters and the ghoulies of Halloween, so it’s still very much in spirit of the holiday!

Castlevania as a series has taken many different faces over its last near 30 years on the market. I myself have come to love the franchise under many of its different guises; from the vintage 2D side scrolling action roots in games like the original Castlevania and Super Castlevania IV to its evolution as a full 2D exploration action title in Symphony of the Night that has since been aptly dubbed “Metroid-vania”.

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Plans for the month of October

Hello my loyal non-readers! Finally getting this blog started, thank you for your tremendous amount of patience considering you don’t exist. Well, not yet anyway.

I am a huge fan of horror, particularly in games. From Dead Space, to Amnesia, to Silent Hill and Resident Evil, my love for this genre extends all around. Sure, many have cheesy storylines, flat characters, and often clunky controls that some may say restrict gameplay, but in the world of horror is something that most games tend to ignore; a gripping atmosphere and terrifying settings that suck you in and make your hands shake. Frankly, this entire blog could be just about horror titles, but I want to be able to splurge about all the games I love so I best not restrict myself.

Seeing as it’s that time of year again, I figured it would be appropriate to talk about some games in this beloved category. However, for all the praise I would love to give to my favorite and prestige series, I thought it would be a lot more fun if I took advantage of this month to run through a couple of horror titles I HAVEN’T played yet, ones that are generally renown as mediocre and not worth most peoples time. I want to lift the rug these games have been swept under and give them another look, and see if there is anything they accomplish well that they have been under appreciated for. I HOPE to get through 4 games this month, a lofty goal but one I look upon with optimism and excitement. With the expectation for sub-par presentations, it’s time to dig into as many of these titles as my free time allows me… Q_Q