Holiday Crunch

Another week, another excuse to have no review up. Seriously, what is this, like, the fifth time I have a post explaining myself? Well, what can I say? ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT! All those assignments gotta get in. No time for games, or friggin Dragon Ball! BUT, this does mean that over the Christmas holiday, I will be unemployed, and as such will be free entirely to play games and write about them! I’m very excited for that, frankly. I like being secretive of what game is to come next even though it has no impact to do so, but I got a couple of key titles I’m eyeing up.

Also, thinking of making a new segment where I give impressions of a game, but not a proper review as I don’t feel I can do them justice, but want to talk about them. That could just be me being lazy and not wanting to constructively thing about such titles though, but we’ll see if I go through with this new segment or not.

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