Plans for the month of October

Hello my loyal non-readers! Finally getting this blog started, thank you for your tremendous amount of patience considering you don’t exist. Well, not yet anyway.

I am a huge fan of horror, particularly in games. From Dead Space, to Amnesia, to Silent Hill and Resident Evil, my love for this genre extends all around. Sure, many have cheesy storylines, flat characters, and often clunky controls that some may say restrict gameplay, but in the world of horror is something that most games tend to ignore; a gripping atmosphere and terrifying settings that suck you in and make your hands shake. Frankly, this entire blog could be just about horror titles, but I want to be able to splurge about all the games I love so I best not restrict myself.

Seeing as it’s that time of year again, I figured it would be appropriate to talk about some games in this beloved category. However, for all the praise I would love to give to my favorite and prestige series, I thought it would be a lot more fun if I took advantage of this month to run through a couple of horror titles I HAVEN’T played yet, ones that are generally renown as mediocre and not worth most peoples time. I want to lift the rug these games have been swept under and give them another look, and see if there is anything they accomplish well that they have been under appreciated for. I HOPE to get through 4 games this month, a lofty goal but one I look upon with optimism and excitement. With the expectation for sub-par presentations, it’s time to dig into as many of these titles as my free time allows me… Q_Q

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