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Figured since I have a blog now, I’d try bring attention to certain things that are important to me in hopes SOMEBODY IS ACTUALLY READING THIS *wink wink* Couullld be yoouuu!! *wink wink*

Anyways, today I wanted to briefly talk about the website The Zero Review!
While I could pretend I was selflessly promoting a site I think could use more attention, that’s not entirely the case.

This year at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, I had the pleasure of meeting the two founders of the Zero Review website, Justin and… Justin! Yep, both Just Scerbo and Justin Chou happened to be in line with my group of friends and I for the Divison. After some friendly banter, I discovered they happen to run a games journalism site. What a coincidence, it JUST so happens I am going to school to become a journalist for video games! Turns out they were willing to have a bit of extra content on the site and offered to have me write for them.

Well, I took them up on their offer and started writing articles (well, article singular as of right now) in my spare time. Unfortunately, spare time has been a sparse thing as of late. But I hope to populate their site with some more content in the coming future.

However, ignoring my minuet contributions, they actually do write some pretty good stuff, so I’d recommend checking them out. They don’t update super frequently, but what’s there is definitely an entertaining read.

Below is my first (and currently only) article I wrote for them, so give it a read when you get the chance!
For Honor Impressions: Medieval Multiplayer MadnessForHonor Stock Image

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