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Video Games Live

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At the beginning of April, I had the opportunity to attend a performance from Video Games Live for the very first time. With a lifetime spent in Yellowknife, access to events like this were seldom ascertainable, making this a first experience for me in many ways. However, despite that, I felt right at home in that theatre, surrounded by other fans just like me that came to hear their favorite tunes realized through a full on orchestra.

I had a blast going with my two pals Devon and Jayvee, cheering at the recitals of the soundtracks to our favorite franchises and anticipating what rendition we might hear next, whispering our guesses to one another. I mean, they kicked off the show with CASTLEVANIA AND METROID!!! They weaved their way into my heart from the very first note.

Also had a chance to meet all of the members that put the event together, which includes Tommy Tallarico, Emmanuel Fratianni, Lauren Intravia, and Mike “Viking Jesus” Niemeitz.

I covered the evening for The Zero Review right here, so if you’re at all curious, make sure to give it a read.

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